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Tirana Legal and Financial Office was established in 2009, by making available to its customers quality services, maximum reliability and flexibility in terms of time required, adapting to the needs and demands of our customers.

Over time we have managed to expand the scope of our services not only throughout the territory of the Republic of Albania, but also in the neighboring countries like Italy, Greece, Macedonia, etc.and other EU countries and beyond , while assisting our clients wherever they need.

  • For customers we now offer our services at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Our customers can be individuals, families, businesses of all categories, associations, organizations, etc.
  • For our customers, as desired, we also offer prepaid services, adapting to the demands and needs of each client.
  • Preparation of documentation for public procurement and participation in them.
  • For certain categories of clients we also offer free legal services.

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Tirana Tour &Travel Agency

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