Shqip English
Legal services

Legal services and consultancy

  • Legal Representation and Advocacy.
  • Drafting of legal documentation on all areas allowed to lawyer’s practice.
  • Preparation for the application on court for law suits or legal proceedings and claims on penal causes, recourse against court decisions, those of the prosecution, arbitration or public administration.
  • Preparation of requests addressed to the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, Constitutional Court, International Courts, and every organisation in which the Republic of Albania adheres.
  • Preparation of claims and legal requirements for physic persons or legal persons.
  • Compilation of acts subject to notarial procedures.
  • Drafting of contracts and agreements, as well as any other document that brings or intends to bring legal consequences.
  • As a protective presence at the time of association, detention, arrest, in the process of investigation, trial of persons in criminal cases.
  • Representation of physic persons or legal persons in civil and administrative cases, in the Court, in arbitration and other bodies of public administration.
  • Other supporting legal actions provided in law.

Business services

  • Advice for the creation, establishment, alteration, closure of a business, etc.
  • Consulting for cooperation with other trading societies.
  • Drafting contracts of sale, rental, cooperation, etc.
  • Legal representative of the company valid for any juridicial action or outside the judicial.