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Financial services

Financial services and consultancy

Accounting and administration of the accounts.
Preparation of the financial reports.
Structuring of the accounting system for the new businesses.
Fiscal consultancy and taxes.
Consulting and preparation of business plans

In order that a company to be competitive and with a long term activity it is necessary that the financial data and book keeping to be well-organized, clear and ready in every time possible for the direction, associates and the investors. For this reason our office realizes a wide range of services on the accounting and finance as follows:

Book keeping consultancy
In addition to the computerized elaboration of your accounting made from our staff with the periodic compilation of budgets, bookkeeping, details debit-credits, situations of the case liquidity, we are at your disposal in order to solve directly in your offices issues with the book keeping management.
Based on a computerized system that guarantees a fast monthly data elaboration, you can calmly entrust us in all your accounting during the year.
In book keeping consultancy we offer:
  • Accounting and administration of the accounts
  • Preparation of the financial report
  • Structuring of the accounting system for the new businesses
  • Consultancy over the credits and relations with banks
  • Trainings in the field of book keeping
  • Fiscal consultancy and taxes
Control of management of book keeping
Management control, by means of analysis, reports, statements, possible reclassifications of costs, in addition to other instruments, is the true support to the business decisions. More and more often, also the small and average enterprise, must be capable, not only to know just the past, but also to plan the development trying as much as possible to anticipate the events, also by means of the creation of economic and financial budgets.
That’s why the creation of some efficient instruments of collection of the data, must be flexible and practical, and allow the administrator/boss to plan, control and decide.
It should be emphasized that such instruments do not have to be limited to the single economic area (revenues and expenses) but they must also satisfy financial issues (e.g. cash flow and financial statements) in order to anticipate the financial requirements of the company, thus programming their satisfaction.
Our participation begins with an analysis that tends to identify the needs of the customer estimating the bookkeeping instruments, the requirements for information for the Direction/Bosses satisfied or not, and the areas considered as "critical".
Later on, also through the improvement or the implementation of professional analytical bookkeeping systems, also with the software help, the economic data will be classified in order to create and obtain a regularity established with the customer himself:
  • Economic and/or financial budgets, also for product
  • Economic and/or financial statements, also for product
  • Budgetary analysis, calculated for all the indice
  • Location of the direct and indirect costs, variable and fixed
  • Calculation and control of the costs of product or store cler
  • Reporting for the direction, also with systems of indices
  • Reporting for the Parent company (in case of multinational corporation)
In order to guarantee:
  • timeliness
  • essentiality
  • effectiveness
  • immediacy
  • personalization
  • flexible in time
Creation, Changing, Closing of Companies
To the entrepreneur who wishes to constitute, vary or close a company, we offer a range of services and an assistance characterized by a tangible practicality.
Advising Financial institution
The fiscal advising embraces all the fields of the direct and indirect taxes. Areas of participation are:
  • Procedures and recurrent fiscal practices
  • Updating over the developments of the fiscal legislation
  • International conventions on the double imposition - problems and applications
  • National and international fiscal planning
  • Fiscal litigation
  • Fiscal advising and tax planning
  • Inner advising of fiscal trial-like right
Relations with the banks and credit institutions
The Banks, like all the companies however, are managed by persons, that, with the instruments on hand, provided by the same credit institutions and their own specific preparation, they decide in which rate and timeliness to offer financial services to the customers.
We place ourselves (when necessary) as a mediator between our customers and bank administrators, with the intention to exceed the mutual cognitive barriers and to optimize the times of analysis and the fulfillment of the respective requirements.
We are in a position to introduce our customers in a correct way to the credit institutions, "breaking off the ice" at a level of commercial reports with functionaries and bank managers in the most productive way and reaching the following results: reduction of the times of evaluation of the single "business cases" and obtaining of the best financial conditions.